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Why Sponsor S2S?

08/29/2016 Published by: Amy Soupene

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We’ve recently discussed the importance of the Student 2 Student program from a student’s perspective.  Being a part of the program blesses both the new students and the S2S students.  But what do sponsors observe?  What are their thoughts on the program?

Teachers can spot military students immediately.  Some kids have moved so many times that they are rather withdrawn, some appearing that they don’t even want to be there.  The challenge is on to draw out this new student and spark them to reach their highest potential.

The S2S program is a perfect way to reach these new students.  The “new kid” identity wears off quickly when friends are made and they are pulled into a supportive and friendly environment.  When a student can focus on gaining traction academically and not have to worry about socially, progress is made more quickly.

Each year the MCEC brings S2S representatives to our National Training Seminar.  The students are given training as well as attendees being allowed to sit in on briefings conducted by our S2S’ers.  The amazement and pride in these kids is overwhelming.

The MCEC is fortunate to have sponsors that understand supporting our military means supporting the entire military family.  When our sponsors attend NTS and interact with S2S members they get to experience the power and impact of these students.  They catch the spirit and vision of what it means to be a part of this program.

The teachers who are the sponsor for S2S in their school, understand first-hand the importance of this program.  S2S allows them reach the new students and give them peer-based support.  The teachers also receive first-hand knowledge of what new military students face and learn how they can be of assistance.

You may be reading this and thinking, "Thanks for sharing but how can I help? Where do I fit in this equation?  I’m not a teacher or a sponsor."

I get that, I understand.  Let me ask you this, have you ever been in an uncomfortable position and then someone graciously extended a smile and friendship to ease the way?  In honor of that, why not pay it forward and ensure that other individuals receive the same?

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Thank you for your consideration.



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