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Your Child’s Ages & Stages

Each stage of your child's life has important educational milestones and questions abound.  Is my child ready for preschool?  How can we best prepare for our upcoming move?  What classes should my high school student be taking to be college-ready?  All these questions and many more can be answered simply by taking a deep breath and browsing through this section.

High School: 9th - 12th Grade

These years are so important!  Ensuring that you complete a strong high school academic program is a must.  It's challenging but so worth it when you start contemplating college.  We have lots of resources to help you celebrate graduation day with flying colors!

High School: 9th - 12th Grade

Middle School 6th - 8th Grade

The middle school years are a great time to help students learn skills they will need to succeed in high school and beyond.  Organization is key as they have many more teachers and classrooms.  If possible, planning ahead and taking some high school level courses now allows students greater flexibility when they get to high school.

Middle School 6th - 8th Grade

Elementary School: PreK to 5th Grade

Starting school is a whole new world.  Should you send your child to preschool?  How do you prepare for kindergarten registration?  What should you expect during the elementary years?  You'll find answers to these questions and more in this section.

Elementary School: PreK to 5th Grade

Early Childhood:  Birth to Three Years

These first years of your child's life are the perfect time to start them off right.  Nurturing their development through this first phase is crucial for their educational growth in the years to come.  Continue reading for some simple ways to give your child the best beginning.

Early Childhood:  Birth to Three Years

College Prep Toolbox


GI Bill Comparison Tool

Find out what the GI Bill can do for you

ACT/SAT Prep by Number2

Free ACT/SAT prep

SAT Prep by the Khan Academy

Free SAT Prep


SAT/ACT prep free for military families

March 2 Success

Helping high school students with both high school and college prep materials.

College Options Services

Plan for your bright future using the information and resources found here.

myCollege Options

Research the best options for you

Register for the SAT

Register for the ACT

State Education Resources

State school requirements and resources from all fifty states


The Learning Skills Toolbox

The MCEC, with support from the GE Foundation, produced “The Learning Skills Toolbox,” a series of videos that tackle learning and readiness at several stages.  View the videos

Special Topics

Have some questions about homework help, school choices or unique student circumstances?  We'd like to try to help you find the answers.

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