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Easing School Transitions for Military Families

Transition to College

Are you ready for college?  It's a big step in your educational journey.  We've compiled lots of resources to help you get a solid start.  

Military In-State Tuition & Waivers

Many states now allow for dependents of active duty military members to be eligible for in-state tuition in their current state of residence.  This is a valuable program as many members are stationed in a state that is not their home of record and they would typically pay out-of-state tuition prices.  Read on to learn how this program can assist you.

Military In-State Tuition & Waivers

College Transfer Students

Transferring from one college to another is more common than you might think.  Many students start off at a community or other two year college and then transfer to a four year college.  Other students realize that their first choice of college or university isn't a good fit and transfer to another school more suited to their personal preferences.  Whatever the reason, there are some important items to consider before transferring.

College Transfer Students

Paying for College

College is an investment in your future.  As it often is with any worthwhile investment, it is not cheap.  There are many ways to pay for your higher education; scholarships, grants and loans.  We explore the options with you on the following pages.

Paying for College

Which College is Right for Me?

You know you want to go to college, you may even know what you want to study, but how do you decide which college will be the best fit for you?  There are many criteria to consider: large or small, public or private, in-state or out-of-state?  We have some information to help you start to narrow down that list of contenders.

Which College is Right for Me?

SAT & ACT Resources

College Board is a super website for both parents and students when planning for college and taking the SAT.  You can create a free account on their Student page.  Or maybe you are taking the ACT - we have information about that, too!

SAT & ACT Resources

National Math and Science Initiative

Created in 2007, the NMSI seeks to advance education specifically in the areas of math and science in the United States.  Learn more about this initiative on the following page.

National Math and Science Initiative

College Prep Toolbox


GI Bill Comparison Tool

Find out what the GI Bill can do for you

ACT/SAT Prep by Number2

Free ACT/SAT prep

SAT Prep by the Khan Academy

Free SAT Prep


SAT/ACT prep free for military families

March 2 Success

Helping high school students with both high school and college prep materials.

College Options Services

Plan for your bright future using the information and resources found here.

myCollege Options

Research the best options for you

Register for the SAT

Register for the ACT

The Learning Skills Toolbox

The MCEC, with support from the GE Foundation, produced “The Learning Skills Toolbox,” a series of videos that tackle learning and readiness at several stages.  View the videos

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