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What’s Your Favorite Student 2 Student Success Story?

07/09/2010 Published by: joan

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Categories: Moving to a New School, Your Child's Ages & Stages, Student 2 Student Programs Worldwide

Spring is the season of change. The weather becomes warmer; days become longer; fresh flowers are in bloom; baby ducks, chicks and birds begin to chirp and students get a week out of school for Spring Break! Most people enjoy the changes we experience with spring time.

Not so with other changes. We like our own safe routine and do not want to modify our lifestyle. It's even harder for children and teens facing the challenge of leaving friends, school and communities behind when the family is faced with a move due to deployment or change of duty station.

Children and teens often worry about what they will lose or have to give up when they leave their current surroundings. They are concerned they will not know anyone and will be unable to make new friends. They're not sure of the school rules or schedules. They wonder about things to do and places to go in the new community.
To help ease the anxiety of transition, research the new school on the internet. Find out about the classes, schedule, clubs and activities in advance. Inquire if the school has a Student 2 Student program. The Military Child Education Coalition® has trained over 220 high schools and 130 junior high/ middle schools in the US, Pacific and Europe.

Check out the MCEC® website for the schools with Student 2 Student programs; then contact the school directly to see how to get involved. The Student 2 Student program is focused on successful transitions for mobile students.

Student 2 Student teaches that change doesn't have to be difficult – just different.

- posted by Joyce Hodson, MCEC® Student Initiatives Specialist

We're always interested in hearing what Student to Student programs around the world are doing. Why not let us hear from you by posting below? Are you a student who had a great move and transition into a new school because of a Student 2 Student program? Tell us about that, too.

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