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An Introduction

11/02/2010 Published by: Suzanne

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Categories: Moving to a New School, Your Child's Ages & Stages, Student 2 Student Programs Worldwide, Transition to College, Special Topics, Extra Resource Documents

Whether you are already familiar with™ and all it has had to offer over the last few years, or you are brand new to our website, we hope that you will find lots of great information and educational tools.  Not only do we have a new look in a more user-friendly format, but we also have some special features we'd like to highlight for you:

  • In reading this entry, you have already discovered one . . . our Blog!  Parents and students, please check out our topics and tell us how we are doing . . . we want this to be a place for you to discuss current issues and events in the education of military children.
  • Curious about schools where your family has been assigned?  Find a School by city, state or zip; by school district; or by military installation.
  • Create a SchoolQuest™ Profile and you will have a virtual filedrawer you can open when it comes time to fill out job, scholarship or college applications.
  • In our Library you will find information and resources pertaining to parents and student of all ages.  Keep checking back as we plan on updating it often with great new things!
  • Interested in getting information specific to your current, or perhaps future, state?  Search our State Education Resources, by state or by category of information, to find any number of them.
  • Do you have a particularly challenging issue to research?  Ask Aunt Peggie and she will answer!
  • I'd be remiss if I didn't encourage one and all to learn more about the Military Child Education Coalition®, our parent organization.  Check out all they are doing . . . "for the sake of the child."
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