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Winning Scholarships

01/28/2016 Published by: Amy Soupene

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Categories: Transition to College

Finding money for college can feel like a full-time job.  Searching for scholarships, filling out applications, writing essays, and then waiting to hear if you won the award.

There are lots of scholarships out there that pay out big awards for college.  The downside to many of these high-dollar scholarship is that there are few recipients.  It makes sense, if a $10,000 scholarship is being offered, the funder can afford to offer only a few.

What if I told you that I know of a place where you can find lots of scholarships that you are eligible for?  Some high-dollar, some low-dollar, but you can apply for as many as you want because they’ve already been vetted just for you.

That place is the SchoolQuest Scholarship Finder.  It is free from the MCEC’s SchoolQuest.  You simply sign up, fill out a brief intake, and then you will be overwhelmed with the opportunities for funding that is available!

The Scholarship Finder will remember you each time you log in and will save your progress. This will allow you to keep track of scholarship deadlines and apply at your own pace.

There are some key points to remember when filling out scholarship applications:

  • Pay Attention to the Deadline:  Even if you are the best candidate for the scholarship, your application will not be looked at if you miss the deadline.
  • Pay Attention to Detail:  Not every scholarship has the same requirements.  Some require an essay, others do not.  Some allow references of your choice and some require specific references.  Follow all requirements, no matter how miniscule they may seem.  The funder will have many applicants for a few scholarships and they will be looking for simple ways to weed out applicants, don’t make yourself an easy target.
  • Pace Yourself:  Scholarships have different deadlines, so create a rolling calendar of which scholarships must be sent by which date.  Then chip away at them as necessary.
  • Create Three Great Essays: Many scholarships require an essay.  Make your life easier by writing three basic essays and save them on your computer.  When you need an essay you can choose from your list and tweak it to fit the particular scholarship for which you are applying.
  • Understand Your Scholarship:  If you win a scholarship, Hooray!  Congratulations!  Read through it and understand it.  How will it be awarded?  Is this a one-time or a yearly scholarship?  Do you have to maintain a certain GPA to keep it?  What if you change your major – will you lose it?  How can it be used; i.e. text books, supplies, housing, etc?

Winning scholarships is challenging and requires organization and commitment on your part.  You can optimize your chances of winning by applying for many scholarships and following all the rules.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!



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