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What’s the big deal about “College and Career Readiness?”

03/25/2015 Published by: Amy Soupene

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Categories: Transition to College, Transition to College

If you currently have a student in high school, then you’ve probably heard this term a time or two and perhaps you’ve even kept your eyes and ears peeled (as I have) on the internet and social media channels to better understand what all the fuss is about . . . so you have a bit of a head start regarding this subject. If your students are younger, however, then you may not be tracking this growing concern yet . . . that high school graduates in the United States are not, as a whole, adequately prepared for college and/or careers by the time they get their diplomas.   

“Says who?” you ask?  Well for a start, the results of online surveys of employers and college students conducted on behalf of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) by Hart Research Associates.  The survey results, published on January 20th of 2015, demonstrate a gap between how ready college graduates feel they are for employment, and how ready the employers who would hire them feel they truly are.  In addition, on November 2nd of 2012 Getting analyzed an infographic of information compiled by which also supports this gap by illustrating facts like:  40% of college students take at least one remedial course, and students often enter college without the necessary self-motivation, study skills and time management needed to succeed there let alone after graduating and entering the workforce.

So to restate the question above, “What’s the big deal about “College and Career Readiness?”  For military-connected families, your time may already be consumed with the basics of keeping your child’s education as seamless as possible through the various PCS moves you’re making. In the end though, all of our children need to “fly the coop” and head down their own path. Don’t we want them to make that transition from home to school to life as successfully as possible?

 “College and Career Readiness” can mean different things depending on who you ask.  Employers, teachers, counselors, parents, students, all might provide variations on its definition. Ultimately, the goal is that when our students graduate they are prepared to take post-secondary work without the need for remedial coursework, and that they are ready for the work world, equipped with the work-ready skills and knowledge that employers are looking for.  Pathways that students take to reach this end may vary, whether they enter the work force immediately, complete a certificate or career pathway training program, enter the military or earn a college degree.

Recent educational reform has focused on academic rigor and implementing academic standards in every state so that no matter where a child has lived (like military-connected students) they are better prepared as graduates for post-secondary education, careers and life beyond. In other words, so that they are “College and Career Ready!”  As of late 2013, College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) have indeed been adopted by all fifty states, territories and Department of Defense schools (DoDEA).  These standards go by various names depending on the state that has adopted them, such as the “Georgia Performance Standards” and the “Indiana Academic Standards,” however they still have “College and Career Readiness” at their foundation.

Stay tuned, as in the coming months we will discuss this issue further . . . elaborating on the importance of College and Career Ready Standards for military-connected families, covering some of the influential “players” when it comes to this subject, and providing you with ideas and resources enabling you and your student(s) to take action at home!


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