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The New and Improved SchoolQuest . . . Check Us Out!

05/29/2014 Published by: Suzanne

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For those of you who are already familiar with SchoolQuest™ (an online educational initiative of the Military Child Education Coalition®, MCEC®) easing school transitions for military families is still our mission.  For those who have not yet experienced all that our site has to offer, come and see what you’ve been missing!

At SchoolQuest™ you’ll find a multitude of resources interwoven into the various ages & stages and subjects that you’re looking for . . . whether it’s the latest in links, documents or blog entries . . . they are all bundled together based on what you want to learn more about!  Information can be saved as a “favorite” for future reference, printed out and/or easily shared online with others.

FREE to military-connected families are the following tools:

  1. Find & Compare Schools – Still front and center, this is the most popular feature of our site allowing users to conduct a search based upon zip code, military installation and/or school district when looking for information on schools.
  2. State Education Resources – State school requirements and resources from all fifty states where users can search for information by state or by topic.
  3. My SchoolQuest Account – Password-protected and accessible from any internet connection, parents can store student educational, extra-curricular, award, volunteer and work information on each of their children.  No more digging through boxes trying to find what you need to register your children at a new location, and filling out scholarship, job and college applications becomes much easier!
    Through this FREE account, students also have access to:
    1. Method Test Prep and Schmoop to prepare for the ACT and/or SAT tests
    2. Scholarship Finder search engine to help fund your college education
    3. College Options Services for college planning resources
  4. Ages and Stages – Targeted information and resources for the subjects you’re interested in based upon where your kids are now in their development.
  5. Resource Library – Access to our many resources and past blog entries sorted by subject.
  6. Ask Aunt Peggie - For parents and families looking for answers that they just can’t seem to find.  Peggie Watson is an expert MCEC® researcher who serves as a trusted resource for families and educators around the world.  She has answered thousands of emails over the years!
  7. Blog – For news and updates on resources available for military-connected kids and their families.
  8. Facebook page – Stay up to date on current events and information!

What are you waiting for?  Check us out and let us know what you think.  We welcome your feedback so that we can continue to provide you with the information and resources you need!

**Help us get the word out about SchoolQuest™ by liking us on Facebook!™ is an initiative of the Military Child Education Coalition® (MCEC®).   Follow us on the MCEC® Twitter feed . . . for the sake of the child!

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Franks Ross, 06.10.2014

The tools offered by School Quest for easing the educational problems faced by the military children is indeed praiseworthy because it is a known fact that military children always face genuine educational hardships, when they move multiple time across from school to school or state lines during K-12 school, high school or senior school years.  In such a scenario, it is mind boggling to find the right schools for their children, and secondly to find schools and school Application requirements in such new surroundings. In this respect, School Quest tool will positively guide and help parents with their quest for children education requirements in new locations.

Suzanne, 06.10.2014

Thank you for your comment Franks . . . it is indeed our goal to ease these transitions that military-connected students face during their educational careers!

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