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Test Anxiety

12/02/2010 Published by: Suzanne

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You know the scenario . . . you are looking at a blank piece of paper or a fresh test packet waiting for you to fill in its bubbles.  You can hear your heart pounding in your chest; your hands are beginning to sweat and your freshly sharpened #2 pencil may even be shaking in your grip.  You can’t seem to shake a feeling of unease, perhaps even nausea.  What is going on here?  Yep, you guessed it  . . . test anxiety!

Most experts agree that anxiety before a test, or presentation, or other big deadline, can be a good thing.  In fact, it can even be an important part of the process in getting ready for the big day/event.   The stress of wanting to do well tells you that you care about the outcome; that when the time comes you want to, as the Cub Scouts say, “Do Your Best!”  When this anxiety becomes so great that it gets in the way of your peak performance, however, it becomes a problem worth addressing.

What’s the first order of business?  We can all heed the Boy Scouts of America motto, “Be Prepared!”  Certainly a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast are important.  Long before test day, though, steps can be taken to ready yourself for the task ahead so that when the time comes, you’ll know you’ve prepared yourself for the challenge.  If the test or paper is part of your regular school curriculum, then studying in advance will be important.  If help isn’t readily available to you at school, then don’t forget to take advantage of the free tutoring available 24/7 to military family members at  If it’s an imminent standardized test that gives you pause, then check out the free SAT/ACT software you have access to through eKnowledge™ Corporation.  Taking these baby steps in advance can do a great deal to boost your self confidence when the test day arrives.  Do you have some other suggestions/strategies for dealing with test anxiety that you’d like to share?  Send in your comments and let us know!

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