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Summer Classes . . . An Opportunity to Round Out Your High School Curriculum?

07/30/2012 Published by: Suzanne

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In this day and age, students have pretty strict requirements when it comes to scheduling their high school classes.  In my family’s school district, this fall’s incoming 9th graders will have the added challenge of including two years of a foreign language.  While it’s true that many students already take two (or even four) years of a foreign language in order to apply for Liberal Arts colleges which require them in order to be accepted, it’s just an example of how tricky it can be for students to schedule all of these required classes along with the electives of their choice.  It can be especially heart-wrenching when a required class and one of a student's favorite elective classes are only offered once during the school day and they fall in the same period . . . resulting in the student having to let go of something they “love” for something they “have” to take.

I know of one such occasion, and it turns out the student had some options he wasn't aware of until his family worked with his school counselor.  They learned that during the summer months his district offers not only “credit recovery” classes (for those students who need to re-take a class that they previously failed), but also “credit forward” classes (for students wanting to take a class ahead of the year they would normally take it in).  This particular student requested, and was given permission, to take his senior year of math over the summer term in order to free up his senior schedule for more art classes, as he’s hoping to pursue an art degree after graduation.  (Keep in mind that these programs are often fee-based.)

The point here is  . . . if you’re faced with what seems like the impossible task of fitting everything into your high school schedule, sometimes there are options available . . . you need only ask!  Your guidance counselor is a valuable resource and is there to walk you through the options available, so if you are faced with a scheduling dilemma, make sure you pay him/her a visit.  Who knows, there may be a program in place that makes it possible for you to satisfy your requirements while also accomplishing your personal goals!

Have any of you faced a scheduling situation like the one described above?  If yes, how did you handle it?  We’d love to hear about your challenges and how you overcame them!

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