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Special Needs Resources - Find them in the Library!

06/15/2013 Published by: Suzanne

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Moving always presents challenges:   the logistics of packing (even when it’s someone else doing the work!), traveling to your new destination and finally, getting settled once you and your belongings are there.  Add children to that scenario and those challenges become even more complicated . . . entertaining them, feeding them, keeping them on a schedule, etc.  If one or more of those children are special needs, parents often look for resources and services geared for their unique circumstances.  Where can they find help, though, if they are moving somewhere that is new to them?

Our Library has a Special Needs section full of valuable information and resources to help in circumstances like those described above:

Special Education Resources:

Provides a long list of resources, web sites and support organizations including the most recent list additions ...

  1. Wrightslaw Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities - a web site that allows users to search by state and then subject or city to find local resources
  2. Special Needs Insert of the Military Child Education Coalition's® publication On the Move - provides information to help military families adjust to new communities, promote the acceptance of students with different abilities and develop plans for the future

Special Education Transition Checklist: 

Assists parents in the tracking of specific documents and information needed to transition their special needs children as smoothly as possible. 

Moving with a Special Needs Child: 

Helps readers think about the overall planning and preparation involved in moving a special needs child.

State Schools for Deaf and Blind:

Provides a link where parents can search for schools that are specialized for students with these needs based on the state they’ll be living in.

All of the resources listed above can be found in the "Special School Topics" section of our FREE online Library which is open for you 24/7.  Check us out . . . for the sake of the child.

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