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PCS Season is Here!

05/25/2016 Published by: Amy Soupene

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If your kids aren’t out of school yet, they soon will be. And with the arrival of summer also comes that very busy season of PCS. 

Permanent Change of Station 

Maybe it affects your family this summer, maybe not.  However, if you are an active-duty military family PCS will affect you at some point. 

Quite often people hear how many times we move and think that we just get really good at it.  It's true that there is a level of familiarity after you do something multiple times.  But, I don’t believe that packing up your life and starting over from scratch is ever truly easy.

Consider the hours of planning, the possible selling of one house and acquiring another, transitioning our kids to a new school district, sorting through the tangle of emotions that we all experience – is any of this ever easy?

Nope.  It’s not easy. 

But as optimistic, savvy military families we do know a little about preparation.  Whether we are faced with unpacking 30 boxes or 300, we know it is easier if we have a system and rooms of importance that must be unpacked first.

How do we prepare our kids for the move?  Let them process their emotions in their own way. Work with them as they commemorate special people, places, and events.  Help them find future things to anticipate. All these ideas make the transition less scary and more of an adventure.

Giving ourselves time to say good-bye to dear friends, taking those last minute day trips that we always meant to take, or buying that special memento can help our grown up selves prepare for a new landscape.

How do you prepare for this move?  Everyone has a different method.  I have friends that love to talk and share ideas, networking is their thing and they do it fantastically.  I am more of a list-maker.  I like to read all the resources I can, make a list, and then enjoy crossing off items one-by-one.

Whatever your modus operandi, SchoolQuest offers Moving to a New School  devoted to helping you navigate this season like a pro.


From suggestions on what to do before the movers arrive, how to handle the actual move, and then helpful hints on settling into your new home we have lots to offer.  Checklists, packing ideas, ways to say good-bye – you can find them all here!

And don’t miss the section about the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3).  This commission has done valuable work with the goal of assisting military-connected students successfully and smoothly transition from one school to another.

Moving is challenging even in the best of circumstances.  We applaud your willingness to do it all in support of our nation’s military and those who serve.  And we want to help you navigate this time successfully.

Best Wishes!



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