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Pass Along This Legacy, Even If You Aren’t Rich

07/19/2016 Published by: Amy Soupene

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If I gave you an uninterrupted hour and an absolutely fabulous book, would you be excited?  Ok, if not excited, would you at least be pleased?  In my opinion, nothing compares to settling in with a great book. 

The really terrific read allows your brain to create limitless people and places.  A book has truly surpassed itself, when you find yourself thinking about the characters and wondering what they are doing.  There is a poignant sadness when the last page has been read and you realize that you miss those characters and friends.

A well-written book can change your outlook.  You can gain a personal perspective about events in history. It's possible to embrace a new skill or appreciation.  Or just simply transport you away from the daily routine.

“The movie was okay, but not nearly as good as the book!”  This is such a common phrase, isn’t it?  It’s because the book absorbed us, we saw these characters in our mind’s eye, we could see them move, hear their voices – we knew them.  The story could be fully developed with lots of background information and insights into the characters’ thoughts.  And many times when it gets put up on the big screen it just doesn’t match our very vivid imagination.

Summertime is a perfect time to introduce kids to books.  There are no pressing assignments to be read and eventually graded.  Nope.  During the summertime, reading can be done for the simple pleasure of relaxation and escape.


If your children are very young, then you have the luxury of picking your favorites to share.  Nothing compares to the gentle phrasing of Good Night Moon or my personal favorite, The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd.

As your kids get a little older, they will develop their own favorites.  This is so interesting to watch.  Each child has a very distinct interest in what type of book they favor.  Some kids enjoy the tender reassurance of love while others crave adventure. 

The inviting abundance of the library is unmatched; aisles and aisles of books all to be borrowed - free of charge.  There is no worry about choosing the wrong book, you are out nothing to move on to the next one.

The timelessness of books make them the perfect gift and the love of reading is passed down like a priceless inheritance.  Wrap up in an old favorite or discover a new gem, indulge in some reading time today.

Scholastic has compiled a list of the 100 Greatest Books for Kids.  The perennial favorites are there, along with some current must-reads.  Make a list and visit your library or simply go with fresh eyes and see what treasures you discover.


Enjoy, my friends.



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