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Not Your Average “Back to School”

08/18/2016 Published by: Amy Soupene

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It’s back to school time.  Definitely, a change of pace no matter who you are.  Supplies to buy, schedules to adjust, and routines to implement. 

When it comes to military students, many are once again the new kid.  In numerous cases, they’ve been the new kid more times than they care to count.  It’s takes a lot of strength and determination to start all over again - and again and again and again.

This is worthwhile to consider.  Many of us are quite aware of the high mobility and challenges of being a military child. 

If I could, I’d like to shift your attention. There is another reality that many of us don’t realize.  In addition to being the new kid, many military students are also facing the challenge of life with a wounded parent.

The past 15 years (which is a lifetime for most of these kids) have been filled with military deployments. While that parent is gone, the family left behind finds new routines.  Sadly, for some, the parent does not return.  And that throws the family into a totally different life with new ramifications.

For other families, the parent does return but seriously wounded.  While mom or dad must attend to their wounded spouse, they also must keep the household running and possibly hold down a job.  Obviously, there is slack that must be picked up by someone. 

Who is this someone?  Oftentimes, it is the military children that step up to help out.  Older siblings assist with taking care of the younger, teens may help with wound care for the rehabilitation of the wounded parent, and often, the older children become a source of comfort and assistance to the care-taking parent.

This is a lot to process when you are just a kid yourself.  Military children rise to the challenge and do what they can, being resilient and adaptable are their defining characteristics.

The Military Child Education Coalition ensures that there are resources for these military children and their families.  It is imperative to train the educators and professionals that interact with them on a daily basis. To that end, we have created numerous resources and professional developments to assist all involved.

Would you please consider joining with us in support of military children around the world?  Your contribution will directly reinforce our efforts to research, educate, and advocate for those who serve us all.

To learn more and show your support, please visit this page:



Thank you for your consideration.

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