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12/11/2013 Published by: Suzanne

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Are you a military-connected kid looking for support when it comes to dealing with a family member’s deployment?  Perhaps you are an educator who supports military-connected students and would like informed resources that address the particular needs of children dealing with deployment-related issues.

You can find all of these things at where students ages 6 to 17, parents, teachers and counselors can all find an online community of support along with valuable information and resources for support before, during and after family service-member deployments.

A partner of the Military Child Education Coalition® (MCEC®), is an initiative of the National Center for Telehealth & Technology (T2) which was formed by the Department of Defense agency in 2008 to test, evaluate and leverage available and emerging software and hardware in support of psychological health and traumatic brain injury in the broad military community.

Dr. Mary Keller, Ed.D. (President and Chief Executive Officer of the Military Child Education Coalition®) says, “MilitaryKidsConnect fills a pressing need, providing military youth with emotional support through fun and interactive content, while offering educators smart advice on how to help these kids thrive in the classroom.”

Here’s a quick tour of what you’ll find on the web site . . .

Under the “Kids” Tab*:

  1. Connect with other military kids through online “mail”
  2. Cope with:
    • Stress Detective and learn the signs of stress in your body and how to handle it
    • Tell Your Story and cope by talking about your stress through "Comic Creator", "Digital Story", "Video", "Scrapbook" (online) or "How 2 Scrapbook" (clipping and pasting your own hard copy)
    • Projects such as "Arts & Crafts", "Activity Books", "Recipes" and "Sports & Games" to keep busy
  3. Military Life resource guide
  4. Deployment:
    • Personal Stories where others talk about deployment experiences
    • Where Are You Going to learn about deployment locations around the world
    • Deployment Daily for advice on problems faced by kids during and after deployment
  5. Games!
  6. Mobile Apps like “At Ease”, “Operation Care Package” and “Global Gob”

*The “Tweens” and “Teens” tabs expand on the above areas so that the information, activities, etc. are appropriate for their ages and abilities.

Under the “Educators” Tab:

  1. Lesson Plans for Elementary, Middle School and High School students
  2. Helping Students Cope has information, videos and activities to support working with the military-connected child population
  3. Military Culture offers information and videos to help understand military life
  4. Resource Guide provides a long list of resources to access

Under the “Parents & Caregivers” Tab:

  1. Helping Children Cope has information on “Tough Topics”, “Ideas to Help Children Cope” and “Military Youth Coping with Separation”
  2. Have a Look Around has links to the other areas of this site (“Kids”, “Tweens”, “Teens and Educators”)
  3. Parent Survey offers parents a chance to provide MilitaryKidsConnect .org with some feedback

Take a look and let us know what you found to be the most helpful resource!

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