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Military Dependent Student Identifier Amendment added to the Student Success Act

02/12/2015 Published by: Amy Soupene

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The mission of the MCEC is “to ensure inclusive, quality educational experiences for all military-connected children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition.”  It is a good and noble cause that we have been committed to since our humble beginnings.  Serving military children and their families is so important to us; they are a very big reason of why our nation is so great. 

Its sounds pretty straight-forward, doesn’t it?  Go to where the military-connected children are and then serve them, advocate for them and offer guidance.  Re-read that last sentence, it carries an assumed knowledge.  Can you find it?  My guess is that finding the assumed knowledge may be as hard as our job of finding those military-connected students.  We cannot adequately serve military-connected children without knowing where they reside and attend school.

It may seem obvious; go to any military installation and you’ll find the military kids.  However, many military families don’t live on the installation. Many live in civilian housing and their children go to a myriad of different school districts.  And that’s not even taking into account those military families that are stationed where there are no military installations.  So I ask you to contemplate, how do we find those children that deserve our attention?

Currently, there is no consistent reporting method of military-connected students within a district. The Military Dependent Student Identifier Amendment will identify these students, allowing districts to track them and offer quality resources.  Military-connected students have unique life experiences and face distinct challenges due to the demands of military family life.  This population of students, once ascertained, can be better served with appropriate educational resources that will aid them on their way to academic success. 

The amendment, offered by Nevada Representative Joe Heck, was added to the Student Success Act in a unanimous bipartisan voice vote on February 11, 2015.  The Military Child Education Coalition is excited with this new development to identify and assist military-connected children and thanks Congressman Joe Heck for presenting this amendment.

Read more about the Student Success Act or the Military Dependent Student Identifier Amendment.



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Jennfier, 02.13.2015

As a military family living in overseas this sentence really resonates with me “to ensure inclusive, quality educational experiences for all military-connected children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition.” We are not in Germany, we are in a private international school and all our support comes from DODEA. Perhaps my older son isn’t a top notch student yet because he is 12 years old, has moved 9 times and has gone to 7 different schools. There are gaps in his foundation. We are doing lots of tutoring now. What an amazing amendment this is. My boys have had so many curriculum’s too from Germany, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and Virginia (twice) and to now an international school that follows common core. I have expressed so many times how unique and special military kids are too, there is the saying “they serve too.”

Amy Soupene, 02.13.2015

Thanks so much for your comment.  This amendment brings to light a challenge so many military families face and yet it is largely unknown - unless it’s your kids that are being affected!  As a mom of two military kids and a staff member of the MCEC, I’m so happy to see this amendment take effect.  You are right, our kids do serve and they deserve to be accommodated. 

Thank you for following our blog and for taking the time to comment.  Best wishes to you and yours!  ~Amy

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