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Military-Connected Students Teaching Educators Video Competition

12/28/2013 Published by: Suzanne

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Categories: Moving to a New School, Your Child's Ages & Stages, Student 2 Student Programs Worldwide

No one knows better than military-connected students what it feels like to frequently change schools.  Recently the Military Child Education Coalition® (MCEC®) challenged its Student 2 Student and Junior Student 2 Student groups to develop a video that best captures the issues and emotions they face so that they might be used to train educators who work with students like them.

Student groups selected from the following criteria when developing their videos:

  • What’s different about a military-connected student’s life?
  • Why are teachers important to a military-connected student?
  • How can a teacher mentor a military-connected student in the classroom and influence them for life?
  • How can a teacher effectively communicate with a military-connected student in the classroom?
  • How can a teacher motivate a military-connected student to become a teacher?

Check out the winning videos here!

MCEC® developed the Student 2 Student and Junior Student 2 Student programs in order to train civilian and military-connected students to establish and maintain peer-based programs in their schools to welcome and support military-connected students dealing with the issues of transitioning from an old school to their school.  School delegations are trained by MCEC® and then return to their campuses able to offer immediate peer credibility, positive peer relationships and important information on their new school and community to military-connected students who move to their school.

Download a list of current Student 2 Student program locations here.

Download a list of current Junior Student 2 Student program locations here.

Serving these students and their families is what we at™ and the Military Child Education Coalition® (MCEC®) are all about . . . for the sake of the child!

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