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Installing Free SAT/ACT Software

08/05/2011 Published by: Suzanne

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If you've been following my entries regarding the Free SAT/ACT Software available to military families through eKnowledgeTM Corporation (first blog entry posted on Nov. 19, 2010 and the second entry posted on July 7, 2011) then you know of my plans to post further entries documenting the installation and usage of this product at our family's home.  Read below to find out how the installation of this software went . . .

*Note:  Before starting the installation process, make sure that you've kept the product serial number(s) located on the shipping label of your software as you'll be prompted to enter it/them during the installation.

First Step . . .

Load the software disc into your computer's CD-DVD drive.  You should see a prompt to install "Adobe AIR" onto your computer . . . . unless, of course, you already have it . . . we did not.   Follow all prompts to complete this installation . . . it's free!

Next . . .

Follow the on-screen prompts to install the eKnowledgeTM Corporation software you ordered/purchased.  Our family purchased both the standard SAT and the standard ACT PowerPrepTM software and both arrived on the same disc but with two serial numbers listed on the packaging (one for the SAT program and one for the ACT).  To begin with, we chose to follow the prompts to load the ACT program . . . we'll load the SAT software at another time.

Then . . .

You'll see a prompt to review the licensing terms.  Once our son followed the prompts to enter his first and last name, he was instructed to "agree" to the Terms and Conditions.  This is where the prompt comes to enter the serial number and then you'll click on "validate".

After that  . . .

A "PowerPrepTM Optimization" screen will come up recommending the installation and copying of the program's multimedia files to your computer's hard drive.  According to information on the screen, this boosts the program's power, speed, efficiency and program stability.  Doing so allows you to use the program without having to load the disc each time, but requires 3 gigs of hard-drive space.  We followed their advice and the process took 20 minutes.  Once the software is completely loaded, a home screen comes up and there are several icons along the bottom of the computer screen.  We ran the cursor over each icon and discovered that clicking on the red circle with a yellow arrow in the middle brings up the following list:  "Preview", "FAQ Review" and "Program Demo" . . . a great place to get started!

Have you ordered this software?  Did loading it work the same way for you? . . . Let us know how it's going and what you think!

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