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I’ve “Got Your 6”

10/02/2012 Published by: Suzanne

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What is it?

In the military, the expression “I’ve got your six” means “I’ve got your back”, and so in turn, you’ve got mine.

The “Got Your 6” campaign is an entertainment industry effort, launched in May of 2012, aimed at engaging civilians and veterans on the needs facing more than one million service men and women who will return to our communities and transition to civilian life over the next five years.  In addition, this effort recognizes veterans’ continued desire to serve after their active military service is finished . . . in our towns and throughout our nation.

What does the “6” refer to?

With a desire to support not only the military members themselves, but also their families, the “Got Your 6” effort focuses on Six Pillars of Successful Reintegration:  Jobs, Education, Health, Housing, Family and Leadership.  Each pillar is represented by a collaboration of “activation partners.”  We are proud to say that the Military Child Education Coalition® and Blue Star Families are the lead activation partners in support of the “Families” pillar.

In coordination with the Got Your 6 campaign, Blue Star Families, the Military Child Education Coalition® and their partners will provide reintegration tools and training to 300,000 military families and 100,000 primary and secondary school educators by December 2014.

Who are we?

 •The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC)® is a nonprofit organization focused on the well-being and needs of America’s two million military-connected children, specifically in the area of education.

 •Blue Star Families is a national organization dedicated to supporting, connecting and empowering military families.

What are we about?

Strengthening military families!

How can I learn more about the “Got Your 6” effort?

View the “Got Your 6” public service announcement and explore here for more information so that you, too, can “See the 6. Show your 6. Get their 6.”

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