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10/07/2015 Published by: Amy Soupene

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The school year is in full swing.  We’ve acclimated to the early mornings, packing lunches, fall activities, and yes, the nightly homework.  One of the assumed responsibilities of being a parent is helping with homework.


When my children were younger, it wasn’t so bad.  Sitting and listening to them read, helping with basic math concepts and simple science projects.  But then my kids hit middle school.  The math was HARD!  Grammar rules were gathering cobwebs in the back of my brain.  And the simple science project; that turned into the Science Fair. 

I clearly remember when my son was in 8th grade and came home one night really struggling with math.  He needed my help and as I read the instructions I realized I was out of my league and began to panic.  I couldn't remember how to do the problem and wondered how I was going to teach him.

That’s when I decided to give the Khan Academy a try.  Could they really explain this problem in a manner that both this rusty mom and confused student could comprehend?

 I found our type of math problem and sat down to watch the tutorial.  As the problem was displayed and then walked through step by step I started to remember what to do and then figured out how to explain it to my son as we applied it to his homework.

I was so grateful, it worked!  He suddenly got it and math wasn’t so bad. 

Have you had experiences like this?  Have you felt the panic of realizing that you don’t remember how to do this anymore?

Fortunately, we have the internet.  What did our parents do before google?  And in that big, beautiful internet world there are lots of sites that offer homework help.

Did you know that offers free tutoring to our nation’s military families?  And then there’s my buddy, the Khan Academy.  They are always free to everyone.  The Khan Academy has also partnered with the College Board to offer free SAT prep.

In the SchoolQuest Resource Library, we offer many different types of free Homework Help.  We know that sometimes you need extra help for any number of reasons.  While it might be a bit stinging to your pride to ask for help, it is one of the smartest moves you can make.

Why stay in the darkness of confusion?  Why not step into the light of understanding?

Please come visit us and get some Homework Help!  


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