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Graduation Requirements – Have You Got What It Takes?

02/24/2016 Published by: Amy Soupene

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High school gives students more choices than ever before about which classes they will take and when.  However, students should bear in mind that certain core classes must be completed before they will earn that coveted diploma. 

To earn a Standard DoDEA Diploma, students must earn 4 credits each in English Language Arts and Mathematics, 3 credits each in Social Studies and Science, 2 credits each in Foreign Language and Career Technical Education, 1.5 credits in Physical Education, 1 credit in Fine Arts, and .5 credit in Health Education, and then round it out with 5 more credits in Electives.

Be prepared, each state has specific requirements.  To understand what your state requires, visit our State Education Resources.   As well as different core requirements, many states offer different levels of diplomas, such as Minimum, Standard, or Honors.  It all depends on courses completed and GPA earned.

Another requirement to keep in mind is what college you wish to attend and what you’d like to study.  Certain colleges or particular majors will require extra math, science, or foreign language. 

Some military-connected students will be on-track for graduation only to PCS and find that their new school has vastly different requirements that may interfere with their ability to graduate on-time.  The Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3) can help in this instance.  Please visit their website to learn more at  

Your school counselor can help you formulate a schedule and answer any questions you may have.  Plan ahead so there are no surprises at the end!

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