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Get Involved!  Supporting Veterans’ Children Through Transitions

05/13/2016 Published by: Amy Soupene

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It is common in our little corner of the blog world to discuss the unique lifestyle of military-connected children.  This population learns a vocabulary full of distinct words: PCS, Deployment, Reintegration, and Leave (as opposed to Vacation), just to name a few.  These children learn how to successfully transition through multiple moves.

But what happens in a family when the transition is not to a different military installation, but out of the military completely? What’s it like to face the civilian world after living most or all of your life in the military world?

That transition represents a monumental shift in a military family’s reality.  Everything changes: possibly a new location, new language without military terms and acronyms, even a loss of identity.

 When our loved one is in the military we know who we are: member of the military, military spouse, parent of military children, or a military-connected child. 

As a military member you know what is expected of you and what path you should follow to reach a desired outcome.

As a military spouse your world is filled with other military families and daily activities that usually revolve around the military life.  Using a silly analogy, knowing what my husband was required to wear to an event made it easy for me to know what to wear.  But once he was in the civilian world we were invited to many “business casual” events.  I’ve come to learn, this term covers a huge variance in just how casual one should dress!

Military children identify with a highly mobile lifestyle filled with people from all cultures.  It is a huge adjustment if their parent finds employment in the civilian sector that places them in a vastly different area.  Added to that, their new peers may not understand what a military life means or why patriotism is so important to them.

The transition to civilian life can also be due to the impaired health or death of their military family member.  This adds even more uncertainty and stress to an already highly emotional situation.

The MCEC recognizes this as an area where parents, professionals, and youth-serving educators need assistance in learning how to support these children and their families.  Supporting Veterans’ Children Through Transitions is designed to explore the implications, identify the needs, and discover available resources that will help when one is working with military children facing this transition.

This one day course is completed in 6 hours and offers the opportunity to earn 6 CEU credits.  There will be breakfast and lunch breaks, exclusive of the 6 hour class time.  Resources will be included in the course, such as:

  • Making Hope Happen: Create the Future You Want for Yourself and Others by Shane J. Lopez
  • Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration by Meera Lee Patel
  • Grief Support for Military Children: A Guide for School Personnel from Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)
  • “Changes” Growing, Learning, Understanding Kit

Is the course worth the time and effort?  Let’s see what previous participants have to say.

When surveyed, participants agreed the course:

  • 92% - Identified stressors of transitioning Veterans’ families 
  • 96% - Prepared individuals to support children of the transitioning Veteran
  • 100% - Supplied relevant information providing useful strategies and suggestions to support children of the ill, injured, or wounded

After attending the class an overwhelming majority of participants felt they gained both personal and professional insight, understanding of the issues, and access to resources.


Please consider completing this class.  True success in this life depends on growing, learning, and assisting others. 

For more information, to ask questions, and sign up please Click Here 


For all you do in support of military children and their families, Thank You!

Best Wishes,



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