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Financial Aid Questions - Ask Financial Aid Officers!

12/06/2013 Published by: Suzanne

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Do you have a high school senior who is in the process of applying to colleges for next year?  Getting into a college of their choice is one thing, but paying for it is another!  The subject of financial aid can be intimidating, but planning ahead can help alleviate some of that stress.  Who can you turn to for assistance?  The Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) suggest families seek help from college and university financial aid officers, and below is a list of questions that they suggest families ask:

1.  What kind of financial assistance does the college offer:  need based, merit based or both?
2.  Can the college provide an early estimate of what our financial aid award might be?
3.  What forms are needed in order to apply?
4.  When are financial aid applications due?
5.  What student costs are taken into account by the financial aid office . . . tuition, room, board, transportation?  What about additional expenses such as books, fees, computers and personal expenses?
6.  What's included in the comprehensive fee?  For example, do students have to pay extra for computer time or to attend campus events such as concerts, plays, films, lectures, athletic events, etc.?
7.  When will we be notified about the amount of assistance we can expect?
8.  Does the institution have an appeal process to review special circumstances?
9.  Is there a commitment for financial assistance beyond the first year?
10.  How and when do we apply for financial assistance after the first year?
11.  What if we do not qualify for need-based aid?  Are there alternative financing options available?
12.  What grants, loans and work-study opportunities does the college offer?  Are there any we might be eligible for?
13.  What's the average student loan indebtedness amount for the college's graduates?
14.  Is there a restriction to the length of time that financial assistance will continue?
15.  How long does it typically take a student to graduate from this college . . . four years, longer?
16.  What impact do scholarships from outside sources have on other financial aid?
17.  Can we apply financial aid toward an off-campus study program, either in the U.S. or another country?
18.  What happens if our family's financial situation changes substantially during the school year?
19.  Are there payment options available, such as monthly or quarterly?

Another great source of information is the College Preparation section of our™ Library where you can find information on:  Paying for College, Tips for Scholarships, Grants & Essay Searches, Military Affiliated Scholarship Search Engines and Instate Tuition and Waivers.

In addition, military-connected students have FREE access to the Scholarship Finder service in the SchoolQuest College Planners section of our™ home page.

Good luck in your efforts to get into and pay for college . . . an investment that will last a lifetime!

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