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Does a New Year Have to Mean A New You?

01/05/2016 Published by: Amy Soupene

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2016 is here!  A whole year stretches out ahead of us with seemingly endless possibilities.  How will you spend your days?  It can be overwhelming to contemplate.

Of course, there are the old reliable New Year’s resolutions.  And for some of us, they are Old Reliable.  Each year we take the same one out, dust it off and try it on for size.  But by the start of February that resolution is just not taking hold and we put it back on the shelf for another year.

To really make a resolution stick, don’t wait for a special day to start.  Start now! The key is to start now and keep the big picture in mind.  One day at a time you will start to see changes.  They will be small and probably slow, but one step at a time, one choice at a time, you will get there.

But what if those tried and true resolutions just aren’t for you?  What if you want something a little more vague?  What if you want to find more moments of joy?  Or more moments that make you smile?  What if you want to change other’s worlds, even for a moment?

Kindness, generosity, and love – those things can change your world.  There are lots of opportunities to share these gifts with others.  Offer a smile to one who is searching for acceptance.  Don’t walk past someone who obviously needs help.  Yes, you may be running late, but sometimes it only takes a few seconds to help. 

My mom brought me up living and breathing the golden rule; treat others as I would want to be treated.  Sounds simple, but not always.  As I have grown and had children, I’ve expanded it to treating other’s children the way I would want someone to treat mine.  Or insert any loved one’s name in there; my mother, my sister, my husband, etc.  It’s always a game-changer when I make it personal.

Being a military wife and mom, I have always appreciated those special people in my life that seem to know just what I’ll need and when.  Dinner?  Babysitter?  Listening ear?  I’ve tried to learn and pay it forward. 

The new year is a common time for military families to PCS.  Any move is a hectic time, but  moving right in the middle of winter and the school year certainly adds another layer of challenge.

Is there a new family in your neighborhood?  Don’t wait to see if anyone else makes a move, you be the catalyst.  Welcome them in, drop off a plate of cookies or a meal, share helpful tips about the area.  Let them know that they matter.

The MCEC has an entire student-led program with that very mindset.  The Student 2 Student program has been implemented at every level; elementary, middle, and high school.  A friendly face and an instant group of friends can really help make a transition much more manageable.

To learn more about the Student to Student program, follow this link.  Find out if there is one in your school or how you can start one. 

A New Year doesn’t have to mean a new you.  Honestly, that can be a rather daunting challenge.  Instead, a new year can mean a better you.  In little ways, with little decisions you can make that happen. 


Happy New Year, my friends.  I wish you all the best!




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